A Colourful Wardrobe for Summer

It is wildly believed to be true that the bright days of summer invoke a happier, more positive mood in many of us. When the early mornings are filled by glorious sunshine, the daily commute never seems as terrible and people tend to look up more, and even manage a smile or nod of acknowledgment. Perhaps us Brits notice this more because we are not accustomed to long bouts of sunshine, so when it finally arrives we know that we must make the most of it before it inevitably disappears again.

Perhaps then, the sunshine can have an equally positive influence over our wardrobes too. We’ve already seen the influx of bright yellows taking over the high-street as the colour of the season – not to mention a similar array of bold and vibrant hues and prints gracing store-fronts and magazine editorials, willing us to try something different and step away from our comfort zones.

Those who tend to stick to a wholly monochromatic wardrobe of black, greys and the odd splash of white, even venture to add a little colour during the summer months. It seems obvious then that our wardrobes reflect the season and our moods. During the dark months of winter, we long to be warm, cosy and comfortable. We opt for autumnal tones and soft textures to shield us from the cold weather and to make up for the shorter days. Come spring and summer, we want to shake off those chunky knits and dark accessories. We crave colour and lighter textures. We feel less restricted and more daring with trends, feel inspired by holiday street style and look forward to injecting a wealth of colour and vibrant prints now the sun has made a welcoming appearance.

But for those amongst us who are still fearful about introducing a little colour now that summer is on its way, here are three seasonal options that will add just enough, should you wish to move out of your sartorial comfort zone – and that you can still pair with grey, white or black too.


– L I L A C –

colourful wardrobeLinen Shirt | Uniqlo | £29.90


colourful wardrobePleated Midi Skirt | & Other Stories | £59


colourful wardrobeBallerina Pumps | Topshop | £29


– C O R N F L O W E R  B L U E –


colourful wardrobeJersey Blazer | Marella | £205


colourful wardrobeFlorencia Sun Dress | Whistles via House of Fraser | £119


colourful wardrobeCashmere Sweater | Chloe via Matches | £710


– M U S T A R D  Y E L L O W – 

colourful wardrobe

Tabitha Saddle Bag | Boden | £98


colourful wardrobeCapri Trousers | Next | £28


colourful wardrobeWrap Front Midi Dress | New Look | £22.99