I spoke at a conference in Prague a few weeks ago on the topic of Women and their relationship to money and began with one of my favourite mantra’s: money talks and wealth whispersThe phrase generated quite a bit of discussion and it inspired me to launch the Semple Consultants opportunity – an initiative that has been in the making for several months.

Some of you will have seen our Semple Consultants posts on social media and many thanks to those who have liked and/or retweeted our message. Basically, we are recruiting individuals based in major cities in the UK to become a Semple Consultant. The role is to introduce others to the brand. There is a full programme of induction, training and a starter pack and we have a good financial success plan in place. There is a lot more detail but if you know of anyone who has a bit of style, is networked in to their local/regional community and who is looking for work on their terms, then please ask them to email: maggie@maggiesemple.com. 

Please note that they are not expected to measure, style or be knowledgeable about the making of garments. We do that fairly well. We just need wonderfully committed people to benefit from working with us.

I’m passionate about the Semple Consultants opportunity as it is our way of helping women create personal wealth. Whether they talk or whisper is up to them!

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