Defiance and Belief

Each day I am inspired by the story of JK Rowling and Harry Potter as told by tour guides. As I work in my atelier in Covent Garden, London, I along with each tour guide’s enthusiastic group (who always stop outside of our bow fronted window) listen to why they come to be in a very old tiny mews with gas lighting that was the genesis of Knockturn Alley. And why am I inspired? The guides tell their story in many different languages of defiance and belief and this resonates with me.

We launched Semple our online lifestyle magazine in 2011 and published two editions each year of thoughtful stories, beautiful photography and strong graphic identity. They are on our website and you will see the evolution from issue one to ten. We listened to feedback and examined our data and as the success of the magazine grew we decided it was time to change. We still believed in what we were doing but it felt natural to us to go against the grain and be defiant. In early 2017 we published our last Semple magazine and in November we launched The Semple Edit. There was no fanfares or farewells, we just changed.

The latest stats on The Semple Edit is that it has had 3.7 million views. Our intel tells us that the brand is seen as an influencer with strong consistent graphics and insightful content. Our next edition will be published in early March to celebrate International Women’s Day and the centenary when UK women were given the right to vote.


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