I love working in our office. We occupy a small house built in 1692 that is hidden in a tiny mews in Covent Garden, London. Our neighbours, like us, are enterprising businesses that have a global presence. Each day I am reminded how lucky we are at MSL to work in such an aesthetically pleasing environment with a history that we can only imagine.

If you ever walk pass our large bow-fronted bottle-glass window you will see small but significant statements: cut-flowers in a glass vase in the window, a ceramic bowl with seasonal fruit, a filled water jug and 8 glasses, a colourful table runner and, Semple books on the fire-place. Viewed together they say something very positive about the MSL brand. They tell a story about who we are.

There is something magical about being hidden away and at the same time being discoverable. MSL has a global presence in the creative industries and yet we like to think of ourselves as a secret even though our house is a tourist destination!

Actually, being discoverable can be a pleasant surprise at times. Recently, MSL was a location shoot for a restaurant TV programme that is now being broadcast. The production company must have known that telling a story about food from our house would attract a discerning audience.

At MSL we tell and listen to stories about women and style. We believe that everyone can tell stories but very few can do what we do: tell stories with a secret.

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