Following an interesting discussion in the office the other day, we started talking about what women wear. Speaking to both men and women, I professed that I largely dress for women. This seemed to raise a few eyebrows, some confused and others in understanding.

When I say I dress for women, I mean that I rarely dress thinking about what men would think of my outfit. I like to think I dress for style and comfort. I would never describe my sense of style as ‘sexy’ or ‘demure’. ‘Granny chic’ has been thrown around a few times – largely due to my love for a cardi and a vintage floral print, no doubt. The truth is though, that it doesn’t really bother me because I dress in the clothes I like. The clothes that make me happy and that actually make me excited to get dressed in the mornings.

Photo credit: @harriep via Instagram

When I say this, please know that I’m not declaring I am the first woman to do this. It’s certainly not a pioneering or different way of thinking, or indeed dressing, and it’s certainly not necessarily the right way either; but the conversation was an interesting one, and it got me thinking. It’s one I’ve had with my partner too on many occasions, to which he just shrugs his shoulders and says, “lucky me!” when I admit I often dress like a lady twice my age.

It seems to be a rather topical subject though, especially over the last few years with the rise of fashion blogs and Instagram. Influencers, like ‘Man Repeller’ of course, have been discussing and pushing the boundaries of this sartorial topic brilliantly.

Photo credit: @manrepeller via Instagram

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care what Dave thought of what I wore though. Because I do. But, ultimately, he knows how much I love a floral tea dress and a chunky cardigan, and that tight dresses or revealing tops just aren’t my thing.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong in dressing for the opposite sex, after all it can be confidence boosting; some may argue dressing for yourself feels far more liberating. It’s a controversial subject perhaps, but I think the most important point is that simply dressing for you, your style and comfort, should always take priority.

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