As I scroll through Instagram, have a read of my favourite blogs, a browse at a few online shops or wind down with a video on YouTube, I often see the term ‘dupe’ flash up. For a handbag, pair of shoes, a necklace or a coat, the high-street have cottoned on to the fact that people like a dupe. A replica item that bears an uncanny resemblance to a more high-end piece with a more high-end price tag. Sometimes the differences can be more striking, other times it can look almost identical, but both have one very important difference: the price.

While many of us may covet a Chloe handbag or a pair of Gucci loafers, we rarely find ourselves in the situation where we are buying one or the other – either due to strict budgeting or simply thinking the price-tag isn’t worthy of the item. We know about them, we hear about them and yes, we may even want them, but we rarely add them into our wardrobes. If we’re lucky enough to, it may be for a special occasion or as a treat – certainly not a monthly purchase.

This then, is where the notorious dupe comes in. Some may love them, others may not be so sure – but they’re certainly proving popular. While I may add pieces into my wardrobe that bear a slight resemblance to a higher-price point item, I can’t say I go out of my way to source something which looks identical, perhaps because, if I can’t have the real deal, then it doesn’t seem worth it, or does it?

Perhaps you’ve bought a dupe to determine whether buying the ‘real-deal’ is justified – did you wear it as much as you thought? Does it go with the lots of other clothes in your wardrobe?

It’s worth noting that a dupe is different to a ‘fake’ or a ‘knock-off’. It doesn’t bear the logo or emblem of a designer piece – but could easily be mistaken for it – so they’re a fantastic option for fashion-conscious teens or those who enjoy more trend-led style.

So, whether you’ve never heard the term or you’re a bit of an existing dupe-fan, I thought I’d share a few of the very best…

dupesThe Real Deal: Missoma Mini Rope Necklace | £79


dupesDupe: Mango | £15.99

dupesThe Real Deal: Valentino Rockstuds | £705


dupesDupe: Dune | now £84

dupesThe Real Deal: Chloe Faye Small Backpack | £1,290


dupesDupe: FairyBridal Backpack via Amazon | £65

dupesThe Real Deal: Gucci Fringe Leather Slides | £450


dupesDupe: River Island Backless Loafer | £32

dupesThe Real Deal: Cult Gaia Luna Bamboo Bag | £240


dupesDupe: Island Threads Round Bamboo Bag | £55


dupesThe Real Deal: Eugenia Kim Straw Hat | £470


dupesDupe: Story Hello Sunshine Floppy Hat | £18

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