I visited Notting Hill’s Electric Cinema on my Bank Holiday Weekend, and, with high expectations, I was pleasantly surprised. A small, quaint cinema beloved by London filmgoers, Electric Cinema has been a historic part of Portobello Road life ever since 1911 and also has a sister cinema in Shoreditch. Also frequented by many a celebrity, Electric Cinema is like no other cinema you have visited before.
Late for our film, ’10 Cloverfield Lane’, we ran through the roads of Portobello Road and arrived at exactly 14:00 – our film time. Inside was small and cosy; greeted by a kind lady at the film box, she handed me two vintage cinema tickets and pointed us the way in to the cinema. By the entrance stood a cute, mini sweet stall, with wooden boxes against the cream walls, filled with chocolate raisins and old fashioned gob stoppers. Inside was truly beautiful; a large, luxurious dark room filled with red velvet armchairs, sofas and huge beds at the front and back. The bar stood tall and featured fine china tiers with dark chocolate rum balls and plates of divine chocolate brownies, along with every wine imaginable and sweet popcorn in old fashioned red boxes. We bought ourselves some nachos along with some other goodies, and made our way down the red stairs to our armchairs, the air filled with the sweet aromas of candy and wine.
Our armchairs were extremely comfortable and our seating area featured finishing touches that made the whole experience more than enjoyable. We each had a plush leather foot stool which was also a storage box, containing a lovely cotton blanket inside. Also between us stood a pretty little glass table to rest your snacks with a vintage lampshade that automatically went out as the film began.
The film was fantastic, with brilliant sound and a truly enjoyable atmosphere. The food and drinks were a delight, and we stayed for a while after the film, as did others, because the armchairs were so comfy! For only £31 for armchairs for both of us, Electric Cinema is definitely a place I’ll visit again soon, and it’s perfect as a day out, a date night or just something different to do. Electric Cinema offer beds at the back of the cinema for two people at a price of £40, two armchairs for £30 and front beds for the two of you at £25. Combined with a little stroll around Portobello Market on a sunny day, Electric Cinema makes for a perfect trip out in London.
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