Since moving away to university I have met a range of people from a variety of different backgrounds, and whilst being shocked when hearing their life stories I feel as though it has taught me to become much more open minded towards individual people. It’s important that we embrace diverse opinions and outlooks and learn from other people, rather than being judgemental and unaccepting.


We live in a world full of a variety of people, from different cultures and backgrounds, with different personalities and traits. And as a result of these differences, each and every one of us has their own story to tell. Quite often in life we come across people of different character to us, people who have experienced completely disparate upbringings and who embrace day to day life in a dissimilar way to us. The best thing to do is to accept and learn from those people.

It can be difficult to understand other peoples way of life when it is very different to our own, finding it strange or abnormal. But what is a normal life? Everybody experiences life in different ways, and just because somebody has had alternative experiences to us, or does things in a way you may not understand, does not make them wrong.


In fact, listening the experiences and wisdom of others can teach us a lot about ourselves. Learning how much or how little we have in common with others can teach us appreciation and respect and reinforce the fact that we shouldn’t take life for granted.

Understanding different cultures and backgrounds is imperative in order for us all to function in this diverse world we find ourselves. Accepting other people for who they are is the first, and only place to start if we are ever going to unify in love and stop the hate. 

About the author

After securing a place at Bournemouth University last summer, Kayleigh is currently a fresher studying Multimedia Journalism. Since starting the course she has been a keen member of the radio team, hosting a show fortnightly. When not in the radio studio or lost in a pile of books, Kayleigh wastes her days watching reality show after reality show (TOWIE being a particular favourite), as well as attending a variety of music festivals with her friends. She also enjoys traveling (and soaking up the sun), having gone on four separate holidays last year!

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