Every Girl Deserves Dignity. Period.

Across many parts of the world a women’s menstrual cycle is surrounded by stigma and disrespect and this widespread belief that it’s ‘dirty’ and something to be ashamed of is forcing women to hide and partake in often unsafe practises.

Binti are on a mission to dispel any myths surrounding menstruation and ensure that the power to embrace, and feel comfortable is given back to women. Binti is a company by women, for women, currently running projects in India and Eastern Africa.

Their mission? To hire local women that will produce affordable menstrual products for their communities. Not only are they making sure that these products are available, but they are educating a generation who now have access to forums and discussions in order to help normalise menstruation.

The meaning behind this organisation’s name, Binti itself is important – a female title of respect.

Binti” means “young lady” in Swahili, “daughter of” in Arabic, and “request” in Punjabi. – www.binti.co.uk

The Binti team are in themselves diverse, but they all have one thing in common; passion. From their founder Manjit, to their volunteers like Joshna, these projects rely on the people behind them to push past adversity and see beyond the challenges in front of them.

Gaining a strong online and social presence over the last couple of months Binti are looking to achieve even great things in 2017.

You can help this great organisation in so many ways, if you’re able you can donate here. However helping to spread awareness either by fundraising or by sharing their message online is another way you can help Binti educate people, as well as ensure women the world over get the attention and dignity that they deserve.