Well we can tell it’s January, as the ‘New You’ features have started spilling out of every media stream possible. Whether it’s the latest celebrity weight loss secrets or the next fad diets, they’re all telling us that maybe we should drop a few pounds.  Admittedly the Christmas weight has made our jeans a little more snug than usual, but surely that’s no excuse to start plugging extreme diets in every tweet and post.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with keeping fit and healthy, but when it’s being shoved down our throats by z list celebrities who are only doing it to line their pockets, it can seem a little unfair.

Why? Because unlike us working girls struggling with the 9-5, keeping fit and trying to have some kind of social life, these celebs have had a team of experts working on every element of their new found body. From the personal trainer to the dietician and the entourage of stylists, they’re telling us that their new look is completely achievable with just a dvd. What a joke!

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.25.22

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 11.26.08Images: Cover of Maxim Magazine and GQ – Bodies like these take months and months of work and intense training

The sad fact is many of us will fall for this marketing ploy and feel inspired to shed a stone or two. But as great as it is to get fit we shouldn’t expect unrealistic results. Feeding off women’s insecurities and using them for profit is something that’s all too common in the fitness and health industry. Instead of believing everything you read perhaps take a long hard look about what it is you’re really trying to achieve. As much as we want to, we’re never going to look like those celebrity bods we all look up to.

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Image: © John Wright/ Women Health – Millie Mackintosh looked flawless and lean in Women’s Health but you only need to check out her Instagram to see she didn’t get there alone.

Jennifer Aniston’s rocking physique would quite easily go on our wish list. But only time and lots of money get you bodies like that. So rather than have a vanity complex about our bodies, shouldn’t we just be doing it for the health reasons? Amongst the mumbo jumbo that gets fed to us, there underlies a true incentive that we should all be keeping fit for our own health.

Making our bodies strong can give us so many benefits such as fighting off illnesses, having better mental strength, and yet the media decide that the real benefit is just how good you look. Rather than attempt an impossible transformation we should be making a conscious lifestyle choice to make fitness part of our lives, and then maybe the transformation might just happen without us even realising.

By Lizzie Benton  

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