Finding your style

Growing up, I was always interested in fashion and many years on, I have continued to indulge this, together with an unhealthy obsession for street style. I always say that one of my favourite things to do is sit in a café watching the world go by and see what people around me are wearing. I find it the best source of inspiration and I’ve always loved to see how others style their outfits.

Looking back through old photographs at the weekend, I was interested to see how my style had inevitably evolved over the years. From the stripy socks teamed with a denim skirt and Adidas trainers when I was 13, to my sixth form days of experimenting with coloured tights and leg warmers, to costume jewellery aplenty in my early twenties.

Finding your style

Tommy Ton

I wasn’t afraid to try something new and this trip down memory lane made me realise that I have always been comfortable with my style, despite many a faux pas along the way.

I’m pleased to say that more than a decade on I’ve put aside the striped socks and leg warmers for a more laid-back style look that normally revolves around a pair of jeans. It’s funny, but as kids we were so quick to categorise people simply based on what they wore. Today of course, we remain heavily influenced by celebrities, but the exponential rise of social media has played a key and important role too. Scrolling through my many Pinterest boards relating to fashion, they each contain different elements of my style and wardrobe today: from the Tomboy-look with classic jeans and plain tee to pretty floral midi-dresses and more vintage-inspired looks.

Finding your style


They often say that by your mid to late-twenties, you finally begin to identify and recognise your style, but I think mine will continue to evolve long into my 30s too. Although I feel comfortable and happy in what I wear, I think that like many things in life: different people, experiences and situations will always have the power to influence you.

For now though, if you feel like you’re in a style rut and thinking I have nothing to wear – visual platforms are invaluable: Pinterest, blogs, Instagram, magazines and of course, street-style. Create mood boards, go window shopping, identify your most flattering colour palette and pull a few outfits that you’ve seen your favourite style icon wearing – you’ll create an idea of your style in no time.

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