Geckos On The Beach

As soon as I find myself by the sea there are two things on my mind – sun tanning and seafood. Not necessarily in that order. Goa, I’m glad to say though delivered on both counts.

Despite only having a number of limited days in Goa we managed to chow down on our fair share of seafood while we were there.

Our first fish feast, and our favourite, took place at Geckos. Recommended by our new friends, Geckos is a beach front eatery that sees you dine beneath the stars with the waves lapping at your feet. 


Located 25 minutes from our hostel, we rode the windy back roads from Morjim to Arambol by mopeds, with the wind in our hair and food on our minds.

Arambol, compared to the sleepy town of Morjim, is packed. The hustle and bustle of the market leads the narrow way towards the shore line, where it’s seems everyone in Goa is dining.


We took our seats; the best on the beach right next to the shore and ordered our cold beers. We then headed straight to Geckos to hand pick our dinner. 


Caught fresh that morning and barbecued on demand, at Geckos the fish and shellfish are laid out on ice for you to ponder. Looking leisurely over each fish, and after inquiring about the best catch of the day, we made of choices. In the end we opted for red snapper, white snapper, rock fish, five squid and two jumbo tiger prawns each. The total cost for dinner for six people, including beers, salad and chips came to the grand total of £4.50 a head, making it easily both the cheapest and the best seafood I have eaten in not only India, but anywhere else to date.


By Sophie Maguire