Who do you turn to when you have a problem or an issue you need advice with? Do you ponder it over yourself and shy away from troubling others with it? Do you talk it over with your other half, or reap the benefits of your parents’ wisdom to determine the best course of action? Or, do you turn to your friends, your faithful companions, those that know you best?

sex and the city

Having had my fill of crime dramas and murder mystery series, I started watching Sex and the City from the very beginning the other day. Unfortunately it makes for very easy watching as the episodes are only 25 minutes long, so I am already finding myself half way through Season 2. No doubt you will, at some point, have followed the lives and sexual escapades of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha – the four (sometimes) single New York ladies who take us through the trials and tribulations of dating, friendship, love, sex and not to mention the fabulous fashion of the late nineties and early noughties. With each episode comes a new, sometimes ridiculous, scenario that involves one or all of the ladies and the inevitable problem or issue that follows with their most recent love interest. 

It got me thinking that whilst girls can offer the best advice in many areas – when it comes to men, they can often offer the worst too. Although not intended with malice or jealously, sometimes certain problems may require a more level-headed approach, and one that is not tainted from past experiences or relationships gone wrong.

When it comes to subjects like careers or life decisions however, I know that my girls are the best people to speak to – they’re interested, empathetic, encouraging and kind. They don’t have the worry that would come with telling your parents you want to quit your job, or the inevitable jealously if you were to discuss a work colleague with your other half, but instead, they look at it from a different perspective and one that always has your best interests at heart.

Friendships are such wonderful, complicated and couldn’t-live-without things; they form unexpectedly but can last a lifetime. And while you may not always agree with each other, you can be sure that the greatest will always be there for you.

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