Finally, it’s here. The Haim sister’s second album Something to Tell You hit stores today after a long 4 year hiatus. The reason? The album was written, recorded and produced by Haim themselves, a labour of love which incidentally led to them cancelling a few shows late last year so they could stay in the studio to complete their eclectic and achingly raw eleven track album.

Taking the advice from long-time influence of theirs, Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, the sisters have spent the past 4 years loving and living their life only just out of the spotlight, all while keeping a diary that they could draw from when writing new material.

Going back to the studio was a big step for the girls, whose fame seemed to come all at once, but whose talent has been a brooding process since their childhood. Like many artists facing the daunting challenge of their second album, how do they progress and eventually out-perform their debut?

Something to Tell You is a stand out album amongst it’s peers, with an undeniable vintage feel that doesn’t feel out of place today. It sounds as if the lovechild of Fleetwood Mac and Bon Iver grew up in the 80s crushing on George Michael, who eventually decided to pick up a guitar and play the music they weren’t being given by the industry.

If there were any fears by fans, record labels or even Danielle, Este and Alana themselves, that Haim would under achieve the second time around, this is the album that successfully disproves those fears. And it does so with such ease that it almost mocks the very idea that Haim would be anything less than deserving of the hype surrounding their new record.

So whether you buy it or stream it, above everything else get ready to sing it, and as per Este’s request – get ready to dance!

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