Going Online for Christmas Gifts


Like many, the idea of buying presents is something that fills me with joy. I am certainly not a last-minute buyer and like to take my time really thinking what family and friends will love. It’s a time for thoughtfulness and kindness, where the quantity and monetary value are not the be all and end all.

In fact, a thoughtful gift is worth so much more than one with a hefty price tag.

While I love the hustle, bustle and merriment of shopping in town during the Christmas season – the Salvation Army playing Silent Night, Christmas lights twinkling above our heads and the plethora of present ideas and beautiful Christmas gift wrapping – there is something equally enjoyable and comforting in shopping from home too.


These days, the variety and sense of originality that comes from shopping online can help to ease the strain – and stress – of Christmas shopping for many of us. From independent stores and boutiques offering individual and affordable gift ideas to online retailers providing tailored and monogramed services to help make our gifts that little more special, Christmas gift buying has never been easier.

Although simply adding presents to your basket may not generate quite the same festive appeal as joining other Christmas shoppers on a Saturday morning in December, it does enable you to shop around from the comfort of your sofa – possibly watching Love Actually whilst you scroll, just to get you in the spirit.


The truth is, online retailers have created a new path for artisan and individual gift buying that is not always available on the high-street. Not only does this in turn help to support local suppliers and retailers, but it also offers the perfect solution for original and thoughtful gifts this Christmas too.

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