I don’t have too much experience with dying my hair. Apart from being ginger for a while as a teenager, I’m generally not brave enough to drastically change my appearance as I don’t particularly like being noticed. But recently I decided to take the plunge; dying your hair can be a small way to make a change in your life if you feel it’s stagnated a little bit. To be even more daring, I decided to dye mine blue.

It was an impulse buy from a local shop, and I chose ‘Pixie Lott Paint’ Hawaii colour, as it seemed to be a way of having blue hair without being too vibrant. It was also temporary, so I wouldn’t be stuck with neon hair and blonde roots as my hair grew out. Well, I really needed have bothered with the money or effort. I accept that, despite following the instructions, I may have done something wrong in the application as when I applied the dye and left it on for the recommended amount of time it washed straight back out again. There isn’t even a blue tint to my hair.pixie

So as nice as the colours seem, I really wouldn’t recommend ‘Pixie Lott Paint – Hawaii’ hair dye; it was so ineffective that you’d be better off trying to dye your hair with her music instead.

There seems to be an attitude that dying your hair anything other than the natural colours is only for the young. Apparently women over thirty would only want to cover up grey hairs, because apparently that’s the only reason why you’d want to dye your hair at that age. The packaging for ‘normal’ colours had young models but the product descriptions included grey hair coverage as an afterthought; the packaging for unusual colours was bright with the jaunty captions reserved for a younger audience. Personally, I feel quite happy whenever I see brightly coloured hair, no matter who it belongs to.


It’s brave, odd and eye catching. Your appearance should reflect your personality to some extent, because you should always feel brave and accepted enough to express your personality through your appearance. No matter how old you are. If you’re seventy years old and fancy having purple hair, no one has the right to tell you that you can’t. If you love your grey hairs, then why shouldn’t you wear them with pride! And if you want to cover up your grey hairs then that’s fine too! it’s not cowardly or copping out if it’s what you prefer. Women have enough trouble with being told how to look, so I won’t add to it.

Just, if you do decide to dye your hair an unusual colour, it’s probably best to go on a website with reviews, and don’t waste your money on ‘Pixie Lott Paint – Hawaii.’ 

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