For many, holidays are a form of escapism from the stress of real life, a small getaway to remind us that life can be kind to us. Holidays are needed to keep a sense of sanity and something to look forward to. It’s just a shame they always seem to be over so quickly.


We’ve all experienced it, that moment you step off of the plane which has travelled back from whichever lush destination you spent your wonderful holiday in, to miserable rainy whether in your hometown. And in that moment the gutting realisation kicks in that you’ve returned to reality with a bump after your week or two in paradise. At that moment in time you legitimately ask yourself…will I ever get over these blues?!


It sounds extremely dramatic but after escaping reality it seems that we forget we actually have to return to it at some point. The holiday blues instantly kick in and you have to forever explain to family and friends that the reason you have a constant frown on your face recently is simply because you are not on holiday anymore. It seems that nothing positive comes from returning from a holiday, apart from the fact that we (hopefully) return a shade darker.


We then make it worse for ourselves by repeatedly flicking through our idyllic holiday snaps, reminiscing on our week of paradise with the gutting feeling of knowing we have to return to work in the next couple of days. We find ourselves out of routine, dysfunctional and not quite with it until the tragic realisation finally sets in and attempt to get back to normality.

From the second I return from one holiday I find myself counting down until the next, which makes me wonder, why can’t holidays just last forever?

About the author

After securing a place at Bournemouth University last summer, Kayleigh is currently a fresher studying Multimedia Journalism. Since starting the course she has been a keen member of the radio team, hosting a show fortnightly. When not in the radio studio or lost in a pile of books, Kayleigh wastes her days watching reality show after reality show (TOWIE being a particular favourite), as well as attending a variety of music festivals with her friends. She also enjoys traveling (and soaking up the sun), having gone on four separate holidays last year!

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