Today we are obsessed with the Instagram girls who are seemingly perfect in every way. We place them on pedestals and hold them in the highest esteem, yet why we do it we just can’t pin. Basically, they’ve got ‘It’- whatever ‘It’ is! However this blind devotion to the ladies in the limelight isn’t a new concept at all, in fact we’ve been doing it for generations. Today we take a look at the Hollywood IT girls we’ve been infatuated with throughout the decades.

60s it girls

Janet Leigh

That shower scene. That scream. Janet Leigh well and truly cemented herself as the It girl of choice during the early 60s with her performance in Hitchcock’s infamous slasher horror, Psycho.

Audrey Hepburn

Is there anything more glamorous than the vision of elfin Hepburn in her black shift dress, strung with pearls, nonchalantly smoking her cigarette perched within its slim line holder? The answer is no and there will never be again.

Elizabeth Taylor

The star of the most expensive movie of its time, Elizabeth Taylor positively dazzled as Cleopatra. The art of her eyeliner is enough to see she never loses her reign as an It girl.

70s it girls

Farrah Fawcett

She was everyone’s favourite Angel and hair envy of women everywhere. She also made the red swimsuit big long before Baywatch came along. 

Diane Keaton

Suited and boot in Annie Hall, Diane Keaton defined a generation of young women trying to figure themselves out.

Olivia Newton-John

From prissy girl next door to leather clad sex icon, Olivia Newton John put John Travolta well and truly on his knees.

80s it girls

Carrie Fisher

She was a Star Wars prisoner forced to wear a gold bikini and nobody was complaining! Girls wanted to be her and guys wanted to be with her.

Naomi Campbell

She was the first ever female black model to appear on the cover of Vogue…need we say more.


Madonna not only led the charts but she led an entire nation of girls into a world where they weren’t afraid to ask for what they wanted.


90s it girls

Julia Roberts

Roberts had graced the silver screen before but it was her role in Pretty Woman that proved she was the romantic comedy star of her generation.

Winona Ryder

We knew her from Heathers, Beetlejuice, and Edward Scissorhands, but it was her role in Reality Bites that helped her define ’90s angst, oh that and boyfriend Johnny Depp.

Britney Spears

She made school cool and pig tails not quite as innocent as she bopped her way into the charts song after song. 

00s it girls


Queen B has had everyone else bowing down since the day she broke away from Destiny’s Child to launch her solo career and her 103 million Instagram followers are proof that the crown is still well and truly hers.

Gigi Hadid

Cover of British Vogue cover, Model of the Year at the Fashion Awards, clothing lines with Tommy Hilfiger and Stuart Weitzman, host of the American Music Awards…oh and Ex One Direction beau, Gigi is pretty much ruling right now.

Millie Bobby Brown

Thanks to her role as the now instantly recognisable skin head Eleven, 12 year old Millie Bobby Brown has proved that she has talent beyond her years as one of Britain’s most familiar young actresses.

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