One of Semple’s most loved symbols is the palm-shaped amulet known as the hamsa hand. Popular throughout the Middle East and North Africa,the hamsa hand has become a global symbol of protection, blessings, power, and strength. The open palm is used by many for a range of different reasons, but for Tom Hardless, it is a sign of conscious creativity, unity and life, giving birth to his own incredible fashion line, iamVibes.

Tom is very grounded by his passion and connection with the mind, he is a knower and a doer of all things creative, inspirational and holistic and has a very firm understanding of what the mind means to him and the mental and physical powers of this entity.“The mind is the metaphysical and the body is the physical manifestation of the mind. How you feel within your mind is being played out in how you physically appear and act.”

Our state of mind can often be threatened by our day to day endurances, causing stress, anxiety and fear which taints a calm and healthy outlook; a problem effecting people of all ages and genders in today’s world. I asked Tom how he seeks to restore a neutral balance. “The trick is to be conscious of the stress you are creating and allowing into your life in the first place. Peace of mind should not be one part of the day it should be the whole day.You have to find what serves you best as a peaceful human and take action, be brave and make those changes and become the peaceful mind you want to be. ‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain’.”

When interviewing Tom, I wanted to unearth the meaning behind a brand that has become a global medium by bringing together thousands of people by the means of an iconic symbol. And in all honesty, I didn’t anticipate Tom’s answer to be so poignant, but I think this only emphasises the importance of the brands mission and efforts. “Some of the beautiful souls I have friendships with have previously been abused as young women and (through them) I have learnt of the power of evil but also the power and healing potential I have as a human to help these traumas be at ease. My friends, courage and determination to find inner peace really inspired me to believe that anything is possible and there is a light worth sharing with the world.”

Throughout history the power of healing and protection manifests itself best in the form of the hamsa hand and through the use of this symbol on clothing iamVibes has been able to create a unity with others on a level in which we are understanding and honouring our differences as well as similarities as a global community. “After donating some iamVibes t-shirts to an event my soon-to-be business partner was producing, he went on to become my consultant for 6 months. During this time I learnt that he too had similar experiences, as well as the same mission to spread a powerful light and represent the new global conscious generation. He became the catalyst that enabled me to be proud of what iamVibes really stood for.”

Tom’s motive to help and heal the traumatised and troubled not only translated into the iamVibes clothing brand, but into workshops which sought to help people find “a place of peace within the self where all is calm and you can tune into the purest of positive energies or thoughts.” Leading a number of these projects in LA,Tom’s transformational retreats help increase the consciousness and bring peace to those in need.Tom sites the workshops as “a physical experience to represent the brands purpose”. The classes cover everything from Sound Healing Therapy, Reiki and Seichem Healing, to Meditation,Yoga and Tai Chi classes.

Relaxed, rational, patient, calm, and peaceful – it is Tom’s practises of well being that allow him to be content, connected and aligned with the universe. “My independence and disciplined practises give me the strength to control my ego and balance my desires. My infinite courage and internal self confidence propel me forth through the mystery of life with an unfaltering trust in the universe. I acknowledge every moment as holy, and celebrate my ability to create my own beliefs.”

It is this affirmation that has allowed iamVibes to become the powerful protector it is and Tom the centred being he continues to strive to become.

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