If you speak to anyone, from friends and colleagues to the barista serving you your morning cappuccino, I’m sure many of them will have an idea or a dream to tell you about.

I’m not necessarily talking about a dream house or a 3 week holiday to the Caribbean, although that would be lovely, but more the dreams we hold close – the ones we think about on a rainy afternoon and hope one day to live out. If you were to ask all these same people what’s stopping them from following through with their dreams though, I’m sure most of them would come back with the same three reasons: money, risk and security.

Starting your own business for example, can be a daunting task. You lose the security of a regular income, a stable pension scheme and even the resource of a strong management team, but it comes with a whole host of benefits too. The joy of earning your first pay cheque, flexibility, and the realisation that hard work really does pay off, are all values that are sometimes lost when you’re working for a large organisation.

The trouble is, we may all have the best ideas in the world but it’s also a fact of life that some ideas fail, and some succeed and unfortunately we can’t rely on a prophetic picture of how it will look in 5 years time to decide whether or not it is worth removing that comfort blanket.

Sometimes, it’s important to go with your gut. Whether it’s starting your own café, a second hand book shop, a jewellery line or an innovative advancement that will change the way we use our mobile phones – if you genuinely believe in that idea then it’s that passion and drive that will take you on your way to success. Even if it doesn’t work out, you will never regret the fact that you tried, and if it does? You’ll be the one reaping the rewards and telling people that despite the challenges you faced along the way, your dream really did come true.


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