There are many things that unite Semple clients. We care about the next generation of leaders. We mentor. We have views about sustainability and while we lead busy lives, we know the importance of personal presentation.

Another area that unites us is how we accessorise our Semple garments. Whether it be a consultation or fitting session, we will inevitably talk about the jewellery, shoes and/or bag that will enhance your outfit.

Increasingly as we we become more innovative in our designs you get bolder with your choice of fabric colours and detailĀ on necklines, hems and sleeves. More and more of you now arrive at our quaint atelier having already thought about how you will wear your outfit during the day and take it into the evening.

You therefore will be interested to know that the Semple Edit III is all about accessories. Edit III will be launched tomorrow and I think you will like the style ideas, short articles and detailed images.

Let me know your thoughts!

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