Jackie November 22nd 1963, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. Jackie Kennedy just 34 years old accompanied her husband President John F. Kennedy, on what would be the final day of his life. Assassinated in cold blood he was brutally murdered in a case that would never be brought to justice; it was a day that shook America, and the the image of his young wife in her classic, pink Chanel suit splattered with the president, her husband’s blood, was forever burnt into the minds of people everywhere.


It’s a story we all know and it’s a story that has been retold time and time again. But the latest actress to take on the stoic beauty of Jackie Kennedy is none other than Natalie Portman, in the stunningly tragic biopic ‘Jackie’ from Pablo Larraín. Portman has already received early rave reviews for her captivating portrayal of America’s most glamorous and much loved first lady and with the full release of the new trailer now available the masses can witness the hype for themselves.

Bearing an uncanny and somewhat eerie resemblance to the first lady, Natalie Portman shines in the first trailer for the highly-anticipated biopic, which after its premier at the Venice Film Festival has already generated talk of Oscars. During an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, Director Pablo Larraín told of how he would not have made the movie with anyone other than Portman. “It was a combination of elegance, sophistication, intelligence, and fragility,” the filmmaker said of the Oscar-winning actresses singular ability to play the title character. “Beauty and sadness can be something very powerful in our culture.”


The biopic which is structured around the tragic aftermath of the death of JFK and his widowed wife’s enduring strength has been praised by critics as an “artful approach to a conventional subject”. Jackie hits cinema for a limited release next month on 2 December, just seven weeks before Barack Obama leaves the White House and President-elect Donald Trump is inaugurated.

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