An Intimate Arena Gig with Mr Mayer

In venues as large as the O2 Arena you arrive expecting to be just a tiny one in the thousands, a blurry dot amongst the many faces – and this has been the case with so many of the live concerts and performances I’ve attended over the years. However much like the way John Mayer lives his life in the spotlight, I should have known that his performance in London would have been just as unconventional.

An almost bare stage stretched out before the crowd, boasting instruments for an impressive full band. It was clear from the get go that tonight was all about the music, just as it should be.

John casually entered the stage, to the screaming cheers of his adoring crowd, as he has done countless times over, yet nothing about him seemed rehearsed. There was a sense of nostalgia to the evening as he reminisced playing the Hammersmith Apollo a few years ago, comparing that to the size of the arena he was now standing in with a smile on his face.

Watching John fill the arena with not only his music but his character felt as if he was playing music at home, or in the studio with his band – ad hoc guitar riffs and reinvented song progressions felt as though you were hearing his music for the first time all over again.

John has never shied away from the fact he is, in his own words “a popstar” who often dreams of reliving his life as a blues musician. But I would argue that he doesn’t have to wait for the next lifetime, his music speaks for itself; soulful, raw and sometimes uncomfortable. And if his O2 Arena show is anything to go by, John is far from a ‘popstar’, he is just a man that has a lot of beautiful things to say but sometimes that’s enough.