keeome hydrating therapy mask

Having suffered with sensitive skin my whole life, face masks have always been a no-go area for me, for fear of trying anything new. We often hear of beauty bloggers championing their benefits but with so many different types of mask out there; add into the mix different textures, lotions, potions and scents, and it soon becomes clear that the world of face masks is quite overwhelming. birchbox

It was my ninth Birchbox that changed my mind on the concept. Inside my monthly mini hamper laid a small sachet of the ‘Keeome Hydrating Therapy Mask’ and that was when I read my standard Birchbox leaflet, explaining that the Keeome face mask contained a star ingredient: mulberries from the white mulberry tree. Tried and tested, Keeome claim that the special berry is perfect for soothing and treating tired or dull skin due to its vitamins A and E. With this is mind I started to research in to Keeome a little, discovering them to be a Korean brand with over a decade of experience within the development of sheet masks and skincare products.

keeome hydrating therapy mask

So with no further ado, I washed my face and slid the sheet mask out of its sachet, which was covered in a thick layer of skincare-goodness. I placed the mask upon my face and left it on, as instructed, for 25 minutes. I experienced none of the usual itching and irritation which was a pleasant surprise to my overly sensitive skin. Once I removed the mask, my face experienced three different amazing benefits and the first I can only describe as a complete transformation in its brightness and look. My skin was visibly refreshed and healthier in every way possible; it was radiant and my under-eyes were less puffy and less dark. Secondly, to my delight, my skin was so much softer and smoother; dry patches had decreased and it felt as though I didn’t even need to use my usual daily moisturiser after washing it off. Lastly, all visible redness disappeared and was replaced with a wonderful glow.

white mulberry

I was overjoyed with the fantastic results and soon after Googled my new favourite superfood to find out more. I discovered that mulberries provide the body with many great benefits, including better heart health. The fruit is packed with antioxidants and has been touted for its astonishing anti-ageing properties and rejuvenating benefits. The wonder berry is also known for clearing dark blemishes on the face as well as allowing your body to process melanin synthesis much easier, which will brighten and clear the skin. 

So, since mulberries are perfect for tight, glowing and flawless skin, here is a little DIY mulberry face mask idea to try. Take eight mulberries and mash them into a paste, then simply apply this mask to your face for 20 minutes and follow the same routine daily to give your skin a youthful glow. Alternatively, the Keeome Hydration Therapy Mask Set can currently be purchased from the Birchbox website at £29 for 6 sachets.

Happy face mask-ing!

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