Welcome to MSL at the start of 2013. I would like to thank all of you for taking an interest in what we do and for helping us to grow. 2013 has many opportunities for us and I hope to retain your friendship because we share similar values.

In 2012 I accrued thousands of air miles and spent 2 weeks in each month abroad. Oman, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Singapore, Trinidad, Azerbaijan, New York to name a few places. All for business with perhaps a few hours of leisure.

Arriving at, on the whole, beautifully inviting hotels I would unpack and meet a business contact for a meal. And this is where my story begins: where does a lady put her handbag when she is eating in a restaurant? I know this might sound trivial but bare-with. Usually I place mine on the floor between my feet or if it is small, on my lap. To be honest, I am not happy with either position and if you ever see me in a restaurant you will notice that I hover just a little too long deciding what I should do.

It was this indecision that caused a very observant waiter in Singapore to offer me a handbag hook with its own stand that was table high. I couldn’t believe the thoughtfulness as my host beamed a smile. Small red and green petals entwined the metal stand growing from its circular base, ending with a large leaf for my handbag. I took out my iPad, showed my short MSL film and talked through my Behind the Seams product presentation in a focussed way. No more shuffling of feet as I eased my bag on the floor to a space by the side of the table legs. No more antics with one of my shoulders slowly going down as I extend my arm to pick up my bag while retaining eye contact and talking at the same time.

Fast forward to the Museo Doria Pamphilj shop in Rome looking, on the off chance, for a table handbag hook. And there they were, beckoning me to buy not one but two. These beautifully designed hooks are small, weighted and circular. A hinged, magnetic chain curls around it extending to create a hook below the table. I tried it out in a nearby caffè and placed my bag on its new hook! Just out of the interest, where you do put your handbag when you are in a restaurant?

By Maggie

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