christmas memories

Christmas has always been a nostalgic time of year for me, and no doubt for many others too. It’s a time for festive cheer, family, close friends, gift buying and receiving, homemade decorations, good food and making memories that will last. It is this last point that perhaps helps in making this such a nostalgic occasion for so many.

It is an evocative time of year heavily complemented by the dark evenings and chilly mornings. Nature is perhaps at its most beautiful during this time too – the frost-covered lawns, the frequent visits of the Robin and his vibrant red breast, red berries and sloes, warming log fires and the leaves starting to fall following their final transformation into vibrant golden yellows. When you bring the festive occasion of Christmas into this already memorable equation, it’s no wonder we have so many wonderful childhood memories associated with it.

For many, it is the arrival of the Coca-Cola advent on TV which begins the highly anticipated countdown to Christmas. It is an advert which has been shown for as long as I can remember. It hasn’t been changed or upgraded but remains a stable reminder of the Christmas season. One which continues to be passed down through the generations to enjoy too.

christmas memories

Of course, Christmas has always been the most magical of occasions for children. It is a time filled with excitement and anticipation. And as you grow up you remember those seemingly endless days leading up to the big day. Writing wish lists and making mince pies. Putting out your stocking but too excited to sleep. Waking up at 5am to see if you’re allowed to go downstairs and discover what this mysterious man in a big red suit and long white beard has left you. You never really questioned it – but just accepted it for the magical occasion that it was.

When you have children of your own, I’m told this joy, magic and nostalgia all comes flooding back. You experience the excitement and anticipation through new, youthful eyes and remember the memories that each festive season has left behind.

christmas memories

Although over time, the years can leave their marks and cause pain or disappointment, Christmas brings with it the opportunity to forget, to spend time with those we love most, and appreciate all that’s good. It allows us the time to see the world through younger eyes again, to feel the magic we once felt as children.

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