Leaf It Out!


There’s been an incredible increase in the popularity and research into wearable technology – the Apple watch, FitBit, Tile and Occulus Rift are just a few examples of wearable technology becoming the norm, offering something for every lifestyle; from computer gaming, fitness and business.


But now it seems to be storming the fashion world; even Topshop are getting in on the action launching their start-up innovation programme Top Pitch! The fashion industry have been playing with technology for some time, but nothing had seemed to make much noise until LFW SS16 with House of Holland, who launched their collaboration with Visa Europe, creating a wearable payment technology – but looking back even that innovative idea hasn’t seemed stuck.

Introducing Bellabeat’s smart jewellery – their leaf shaped pieces can be worn as a necklace, a brooch or a bracelet and allow users to track their physical activity, sleep pattern, stress levels and even their menstrual cycle!


In today’s world we often lose sight of ourselves – too focused on business, social media and society itself, we can become increasingly detached from our own bodies and needs. Bellabeat offers women the chance to reconnect with themselves whilst staying in touch with the tech advanced society we find ourselves in. Their idea is to “give your body a voice” with inactivity alerts and birth control reminders making your life easier.


Available in two colour ways – the silver LEAF is set on a light American Ashwood, whereas the rose gold LEAF features beautiful African Blackwood; both are available to purchase by invitation only, by signing up to their waiting list.

There are some who believe these types of wearable technologies are making us increasingly lazy and forgetful, arguing that we’re no longer thinking for ourselves, but I would argue the opposite. Technology never gets tired. It’s faster, more connective and ever evolving; the very presence of it inciting motivation and conversation. The way we use technology and integrate it into our lives is often a little uninspiring, becoming slaves to social media, but with these new types of technology such as Bellabeat we can change the way we think about digital and make it work for us again!