I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as a gloater – but when I peruse the street style snaps taken on the streets of London during London Fashion Week, I do feel pretty proud. There’s something so wonderfully effortless about its style and I find myself liking, saving and pinning so many more pictures than any of the other fashion capitals.

lfw street style

It has a vintage feel to it, original and quirky. It’s not all designer bags and Gucci loafers – though I did spot a fair few of them – but rather, colour and flair. It’s not showy or awkward, but elegant and comfortable.

Without the unforgiving onslaught of snow seen sweeping across the Big Apple just a week before, London show-goers bared their legs, giving in to the midi-skirt trend with touches of metallics and pleats. Rather than chunky footwear and fashionable snow boots, we saw mules, trainers and a stiletto heel or two.

With bursts of colour and hints of orange, it seems many are already in the know as to next season’s hottest new colour trend. Of the images that caught my eye, it was the mix of creams and neutrals mixed with bronzes and gold that wonderfully contradicted the traditional colours of winter dressing, just in time for the imminent, and very much welcomed, return of spring.

The beauty of street style, especially during Fashion Week, is not only the nosiness of seeing what people are wearing, but how you could style that outfit too. It’s so easy to buy an item – a blouse, jacket or pair of shoes – and be completely uninspired when it comes to styling it, or them. Sometimes we just need to see how somebody else has thought to pair it, or the colours they’ve chosen to complement it, which can completely reverse our initial panic. It could be as simple as tucking the blouse in, or pairing the shoes with culottes rather than skinny jeans.

We all need a dose of inspiration once in a while, especially when it comes to style and the ever-changing trends, and Fashion Week – from London to Paris and New York to Milan – certainly provides this in abundance!

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