Just figuring out an outfit to dress in each morning can be challenge enough sometimes but throw in the addition of an ever expanding baby bump and it can get even trickier. Suddenly your favourite go-to items don’t fit anymore, your body shape is changing and your hormones are making your emotions run riot. Basically it’s the last thing you need when you are trying to prepare for a baby!


Now six months into my first pregnancy here a few things I have learnt about dressing a baby bump.

Don’t go overboard on maternity clothes

When you are first pregnant the thought of buying a whole new maternity wardrobe can be hard to resist but try to avoid buying solely maternity clothes. You’ll find there are many things you can do to adapt your own wardrobe in the early stages. Jeggings with stretchy waistbands will help in those first few months and a bump band can help bridge the gap between shorter tops and low-waisted trousers. There will be key maternity items you will need to purchase but buying non-maternity wear a size larger may be more beneficial (and more cost effective) in the long run.

Shop online

The sad fact is that many stores don’t have a maternity range and even those that do don’t tend to keep a lot on their shop floors so you will probably find you need to shop online. ASOS, H&M and New Look have good maternity ranges that are also purse friendly. Make sure you try on items several times before deciding whether to keep them. Just because your waistline is expanding doesn’t mean you should feel unattractive so if something you bought is unflattering or uncomfortable send it back.

Don’t buy maternity leggings

I panicked and bought three pairs. I have worn one pair. Once. They are the frumpiest, most unflattering items I have ever purchased. Instead I reverted back to my normal leggings with the stretchy waistband tucked neatly under my bump and use a bump band to support my bump instead.

Be comfortable, but also be yourself

Yes you are probably going to have to make some adjustments to your wardrobe and you might want to pack away those crop tops for a while but you are still you. There is no need to start suddenly dressing like a Stepford wife; keep your own unique sense of style but adapt it around your bump. Love skinny jeans? Invest in some with a built in bump band. Fan of bold prints? Get some graphic shirts to wear or some new scarves to brighten up your wardrobe. 

Embrace your bump and your new figure

Your figure may well be changing but you will most likely love the signs that your new baby is on the way. So embrace it and show off your bump. Body con dresses made especially for maternity are surprisingly flattering and show off a growing bump nicely. 

Your whole world may be about to change but your sense of style doesn’t have to. Approach dressing in the same way you always have; dress to flatter your figure, have fun and never miss the opportunity for a new pair of shoes.

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Fashion blogger Samantha has been contributing to the Semple blog for over two years now and loves coming up with fresh ideas for her weekly posts. Samantha is an fblogger through and through and enjoys nothing more than writing about fashion, giving her the perfect excuse for extensive ‘research’ through a little retail therapy. When Samantha is not at her day job or writing for Semple she’ll most likely be found binging on Netflix, eating peanut butter or shoe shopping….sometimes all at the same time – multitasker!

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