New Years: Looking to 2018

With the holiday season so nearly upon us, our thoughts are now beginning to turn to the New Year too and what it will entail. It’s the perfect time to forget the past, right those wrongs and look positively to the future. There’s something about counting down to midnight on New Years Eve, surrounded by friends, family and fizz, that makes the occasion that little bit more momentous, and more fitting for change.

Making New Years’ Resolutions has long been a tradition both in the western world and in the east. It’s thought to stem from religious origins with the Romans making promises to Janus and during the medieval era, knights taking the ‘peacock vow’ following the Christmas season in a bid to reaffirm their unending commitment to chivalry. Towards the end of the Great Depression, it’s been recorded that up to 25% of Americans formed New Years’ resolutions, but with the turn of the 21st century, that number had risen sharply to 40%.

New Year

Today, it remains largely common to start the new year with a resolution or two in mind. Amongst the most common of wishing to eat more healthily, taking regular exercise and losing weight, getting out of debt, finding a job you love and being more mindful also rank highly.

Whilst it would be simple to wake up and declare back in June that you were going to lose 10 pounds or start popping more money into a savings account every month, the 1st of January does have more of a ring to it. With the festive season, New Years Eve and the brunt of those cold, dark mornings behind us, it is the perfect time to renew, rejuvenate and refresh for the year ahead. We start to look forward to the spring months, to the bulbs starting to bloom, the natural light returning and baby animals appearing.

New Year

While a large proportion perhaps don’t manage to quite fulfil the criteria they set themselves back before the hands chimed midnight on New Years’ Eve, setting one or two smaller goals to complete and writing them down certainly seems to help.

I haven’t given much thought to the resolutions I will be attempting to undertake in 2018, but something tells me I will be determined to stick to them this year.