Amal Clooney UN

Yesterday Amal Clooney, who should be known for her work as an International human rights lawyer rather than just ‘George Clooney’s wife’, delivered a powerful speech at the United Nations calling for the organisation to support an investigation into the crimes committed by the Islamic State in Iraq. However headlines in the media seemed to focus only on her marital status and her showing baby bump.

Amal Clooney UN

The Sun

The response and coverage of Amal’s personal life over that of her important work only highlights the large steps society still has to take in achieving equality of the sexes and in producing real news. Her speech, which came the day after International Women’s Day, was a poignant and powerful plea for the United Nations, and Iraq to hold ISIS responsible for being one of the world’s most pressing humanitarian threats.

“Somehow we are no closer to justice today than when I addressed you last year.” – Amal Clooney

Headlines flooding the internet such as ‘Amal Clooney shows off her blossoming baby bump’ and ‘Amal Clooney is a vision in yelllow are those we have become accustomed to with tabloid new outlets such as Mirror, E! News and The Sun, however it was worrying to see how these types of comments and headlines were of the majority throughout it’s media coverage.

Amal Clooney UN

Zack Stanton, Twitter

The continued disregard amongst major media outlets to report of women in the same manner as they do men, is an injustice not only to those in the spotlight but also to their readers, who are continually exposed to degrading stories and headlines.

Take a stand against these news outlets, seek those reporting real information and speak up in whatever way you can.

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