If I asked you to list ten things you like about yourself and ten things you don’t, what list would you finish first?

We live in a world of perfection, well, false perfection. Instagram, magazines, movies, celebrities, the list is endless when it comes to seeing what we ‘should’ aspire to look like, act like, be like. So it’s not always a surprise that we can tussle with the concept of identifying our own positive traits and characteristics, or acknowledge our own inner and outer beauty. The goal posts are constantly moving in our society.


Why, when it comes to viewing ourselves, do we have the tendency to value other people’s opinions over our own? We know ourselves the best, so why do we sometimes struggle to believe, recognise and truly value our individual positives, our strengths.

Self-doubt lowers our self-esteem and our confidence. Confidence is something that can take a very long time to build and – if not maintained – only a short while to destroy. Self-doubt strips you of reaching your potential, it keeps you in a comfort zone of what if’s and shoulda, woulda, coulda’s. If we don’t have the confidence to go after what we want and try new things, then how will we know what we are any good at, or what has the potential to fulfil us. Whether it’s not applying for a job because doubting yourself comes easier to you than giving it a go and seeing what happens, or not speaking up and missing your opportunity, it ultimately underpins the perspective we have of ourselves. Our confidence within ourselves is the foundation to our actions in many aspects of our life, so it’s important we nurture it.


Knowing your abilities and all that you’re capable of, knowing who you are, what you like and dislike and having a healthy sense of self-awareness will only serve to grow your confidence. The best way to be confident in who you are is to simply, know who you are. The next time your inner voice tells you that you can’t do something, or you instantly find yourself making excuses for not changing a situation that’s making you unhappy – do it anyway. Once you’ve passed the threshold of fear that self-doubt and low confidence within ourselves walks hand in hand with, it will be very hard to give in to that doubtful inner voice again.

About the author

After graduating with a degree in Publishing, Journalism & Media Tasha spent a term studying Music Journalism and Creative Writing in New York and also took a short course in Fashion & Beauty Journalism at LCF. While on her travels in Australia she jumped 14,000ft out off a plane and passed out half way down (ha!). When she’s not travelling, reading or writing she spends most of her time floating in her own colourful imagination.

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