It’s that time of the month, you feel bloated and moody and all you want to do is sit on the sofa in your pyjamas and eat all of the carbs within a reasonable grabbing distance. The dreaded trip to the women’s health aisle of your local supermarket seems as easy as climbing Everest right about now. Not only do you feel physically down in the dumps, you also have to part with your hard earned cash trudging around the shop because the tampons, chocolate and ibuprofen are always so far away from each other!eecc51c0-7f09-0132-43c0-0ebc4eccb42f

But I’m here to introduce you to Sanitary Owl, a new product on the market that will radically change your periods forever. In a nutshell, Sanitary Owl will mail you tampons and pads every month, so when you need them most they’re already waiting for you!


For just £3.99 a month – with the option to pick and choose which products you’re sent – it’s a cost effective and convenient way of managing your time of the month. Not only will they pick and pack your products for you, they can also send painkillers, chocolate and heat pads – hallelujah! The period Gods have spoken.


Sanitary Owl are a brand that care about women and by using their service you’re also helping them supply sanitary products to homeless women, an issue not widely discussed but one that is a major factor for the hundreds of homeless women around the world!

There’s only so much we can do to make our periods a more pleasant experience – but it’s small changes to our routine such as using Sanitary Owl that can make all the difference. So if you too want to make your periods easier, use my referral code SANOWL57614 to get your first box for just 99p!

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