“The moon is for things unseen, things done in the shadows and beneath the fog. Under bridges and beneath bed sheets — it’s for wild hearts and unconcerned minds. It’s where plans are made in dark alleyways and secrets revealed under the soft haze of light coming through the cracks of closed shutters.” – Lauren Martin, Senior Lifestyle Writer, Elite Daily

Nothing feels better than that moment of release after a long, hard day at the office. The delicate softness that surrounds you, and the hyper-sensitive places it takes you to. Of course, I’m talking about getting into bed and drifting off into a deep sleep. What did you think I was talking about?

Imprinted with the patterns of your sleep, where your dreams and nightmares are mapped out by the creases on the sheets, your bed is a personal territory that allows you to stop, think, rest, and express your inner self. Many psychologists argue that people need to use the bedroom for sleeping and making love, and not much else. But in today’s society, where modern technology gives us a 360 digital reality, we’re so connected that it’s almost impossible to switch off. Have our beds become a platform to not only sleep and make love, but for the late nighters, creative writers and nocturnal thinkers to come alive?

As I write this, I’ll admit I am lying in bed, surrounded by soft cushions and a steaming cup of tea by my side. Don’t worry though, I’m not about to delve into the irony about how I am a product of what I’m writing. It’s about 9am in the morning and I have a fresh, clear mind. I’m what you would categorise as a ‘morning person’, but as I scroll down my Instagram feed, I’m met with a plethora of images and memes of people who haven’t been able to sleep. The second of the categories, aka the ‘late nighters’, float along during the day casually, barely going beyond the expected. But when it comes to night, they suddenly start challenging everyday normalities, and wondering why the earth was placed exactly here and allowed us to provide a perfect climate to sustain human life. It is these people who come alive at night, who provide an interesting insight into how our beds are becoming an authentic canvas for stimulation and creativity.

According to Psychology Today, intelligent people are more likely to be nocturnal thinkers. It’s been argued that average brains are conditioned to follow a sleep pattern that follows the rise and setting of the sun, while the more inquisitive, intellectual ones want to defy that pattern and create their own. Perhaps it is that only after the day is over, can we really begin to reflect, learn from, and absorb the effects of the day. Without the distractions of conversation, phones ringing and piles of paper work, we can really begin to play in the open spaces of our minds, indulge in our honest opinions and focus on our clearest perspectives.

Many bloggers and writers today use their beds as a thinking space, a desk and a library all in one, gathering everything they need on one laptop and writing to their hearts content. Bed is a peaceful, open playground, where we can be with ourselves. There’s no need to order a coffee just to justify your space in the café, nor is there the need to make small talk with the person next to you who’s asking what your creative influence is. Bed is a space where we can just be, and for many writers, it’s the perfect location to let the mind sync with your hands to write something profound.

We’ve all seen the pictures on Instagram and Tumblr of our favourite blogger’s set ups, which consist of a black coffee, stylish laptop with a marble cover, and two bronzed legs with warm cosy socks on their feet. In a world where everything can be filtered to look like an idealistic setting and dreamy lifestyle, it has actually become the fashion to sit up in bed on a Sunday morning and blog. Not only are our beds a useful space for creative thinking, they are now becoming part of a show-reel to illustrate the chic, stress-free and idyllic lifestyle many associate with bloggers.

Our beds will always mean something to us. We wake with them and end the day with them. They are our door into tomorrow. But if like me, you fall asleep the minute your head touches the pillow, stop and think for a moment of what will be happening while you dream. This is when the poets rhyme and the musicians play; when geniuses have their breakthrough moments and your next favourite novel could be written.


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