It’s always around this time of year that I start to think about autumn and the colder months that lie ahead. It’s not that I want to wish away the long, hazy summer nights or those sunshine-filled mornings and lazy Sunday afternoons spent in the garden, as I know when those colder months do approach and the clocks change back, I’ll be pining for these summer moments once more.

I guess it’s always that feeling that the grass seems greener: when it’s too hot that you’re not sure what to wear and the school holidays seem to drag on, you long for the autumn leaves changing colour and the countdown to Christmas; but as the nights draw in and you wake up in darkness with no hope of sunshine for the day ahead, all you can think about are those glorious summer days spent outside until the sun starts its slow decent.

Despite my anticipation for this change in seasons, I must admit that I have always loved the spring and summer months best, ever since I was little. I’m sure there were days in March when it may have just reached 15 degrees and I would get home from school and put on my shorts – a sign that summer was on its merry way. This longing, that still sits firmly today, is largely due to my mood. For as long as I can remember it has always reflected that of the sunshine, albeit fleeting here in the UK. When it shines I find it helps to put things into perspective so it’s easier to make plans, but when it’s cold, grey and wet outside and the days remain stagnant and short, I find it harder to see this potential.

This new burst of anticipation then is clearly not for the inevitable change in weather, but rather for the A/W fashion season. I start to get excited for autumnal hues, faux fur, chunky knitwear and thick blanket scarves. Dressing for the colder weather seems more creative somehow and the street style infinitely more inspiring, as I find myself looking forward to wrapping up warm and to the traditional colour palette of neutrals and rich burgundies.

A new season always welcomes a fresh wardrobe too, for it’s the perfect time of year for a big clear out and style overhaul. I create new inspiration boards on Pinterest and Instagram, look for bumper editions of my favourite magazines and scour the stores and online, making a wish list of the new items I’m interested in adding.

So while the onset of autumn may not be something you’re looking forward to – and you’re still longing for those sunshine-filled days to return – it’s important to find your silver lining. Which, in my case, is planning my A/W wardrobe.

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