Rain, rain go away

At the risk of sounding terribly British, I can’t help but feel the weather really is the hot topic of conversation in the last week or so.

June. Oh June.

While parts of the UK have no doubt seen bouts of sunshine, the south east has been battered by frequent and persistent downpours. Gusts of winds and plummeting temperatures. I realise that in the grand scheme of things, the weather doesn’t exactly rank highly on a barometer of importance, but it is somewhat disappointing, given we are now in the summer months; with the longest day less than a week away.

As we crawl out of the depths of winter to be welcomed by rising temperatures and lighter evenings, we feel a sense of hope for the Great British summer. That this year will resemble the endless sunshine-filled days of 2018.

Alas, no. Summer so far has been nothing but drizzle; or so it seems. With the occasional day or afternoon of sunshine. While we do have several more months of summer still to enjoy, it never bodes well when the first few weeks are wet and windy.

I am however, remaining positive. I’m not putting away those summer tea dresses or flip flops just yet. While my daily attire is currently consisting of a rather bedraggled umbrella, a raincoat and lots of layers, I’m hopeful that our British summer will return. Even as I type this the sun is shining, no matter that the rain is forecast to return once more this afternoon. 

With this in mind, I’ve included a few of the best and colourful raincoats – just in case.

And, if nothing else, at least this somewhat unseasonal weather makes for interesting small talk.

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