SIMBA – Sleep Well, Live Well

simba sleep

British mattress start up SIMBA Sleep has now raised over £13 million pounds in shares since its inception in February 2016. After an initial exciting launch and a number of successful advertising campaigns, Real Madrid footballer Gareth Bale is now the face of the company, taking their audience reach way beyond their roots in the UK’s capital and closer to its goal of being present in 30 countries by next year.

simba sleep

SIMBA’s success is due in part to the boom of the alternate mattress trend piggybacking not only the look but the feel of Scandinavian style homewares. We’ve seen a multitude of similar companies spring up in recent years, with US competitor Casper having blazed a trail for smaller companies. However it’s SIMBA that holds 50% of the market in Europe, making it one of the most successful and exciting up and coming brands in the UK.

These sleep innovation mattresses are made up of multiple layers which include memory foam, conical pocket springs and unique ID foam (no us neither). But even though we may not be exactly sure what the mattress is made of, what we do know is that they’re incredibly comfortable and you really wouldn’t expect any less from a mattress starting from £399.

Marketing an entirely new version of an everyday product within a saturated market can be hard, however Sir John Hegarty, who founded advertising agency BBH and who just so happens to be SIMBA‘s creative director, is stepping up to the plate. “The fragmented, noisy and confused mattress market presents a great opportunity to create a global sleep brand, leveraging the ground-breaking next generation sleep technology the team have created.”

simba sleep

With insightful research, strong branding and innovative design this London based company is reshaping how the western world is thinking about sleep. With more investors on board and a famous face heading their new campaign it seems big things are happening for SIMBA as well as their peers in the industry.

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