The recent attack on a Christmas market in Berlin has, so far, left twelve people dead and many more seriously injured. Though the identity and motives of the perpetrators remains unknown to the general public, this is yet another suspected terror attack, an attempt to shatter peace and cause as much heartbreak as possible.

There is a time to rally in defiance of this act, and many countries are unfortunately having to do this more and more often. This is a time for sadness, and for sending Germany all the support that was so valiantly offered to the others who’ve suffered similar tragedies in recent years, France and Belgium being the closest to home. The grace and fortitude that responded to these terrible losses overwhelmed any hatred or prejudice from bigotry, people who always try to use terrorist attacks as an excuse to persecute others. Support, I hope, will take precedence over retaliation.

I’ve said before in a different context but similar circumstances, I don’t understand how someone can look at a crowd of innocent people going about their lives and think about causing such terrible destruction. How can any human being attack and kill strangers who’ve never done anything to them? Maybe the answer is that these attackers don’t have a shred of humanity in them; they want to hurt people, and they’re using any excuse they can find to do so. I believe that ignorance and hatred are the root causes for any prejudice that’s based on religion, race, sexuality or gender, and I also firmly believe that such people are in the minority.

Most of us are flawed but beautifully human, even as those who are less than human try to chip away at our normality and drag us into the nightmare that they’re trying to create. They won’t win, I believe that too. Germany, a country that has shown so much compassion and given so much to those in need, especially the Syrian refugees who are still fleeing the dangers of their own country, has my support and condolences. Such as they are. I know that they’ll be given that same compassion and help from the USA and Europe; we’re good at standing together, strong, in the face of adversity.

‘Love for all, hate for none’

As I said, I don’t yet know who was behind this attack or what excuse the attackers used to carry out this crime. This post stands against their motives, not their loyalties, as the former always remains the same no matter what the latter is. Though the attack was on a Christmas market, and this time of year is supposed to be one of happiness, the fact that it took place near the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is not lost on me. A church bombed during World War II and left in ruins as a reminder of the consequences of war, to never let that happen again.

I stand with the German people, and those who lost loved ones and were injured in this attack. I know that those of us who stand with Germany far outnumber those who committed this atrocity, and any people who stand with them.  

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