Gracing us with her fashionable presence for this month’s style diary is Anoushka Probyn. Semple were throughly impressed with her expansive creativity; not only is she a successful blogger but also a stylist, artist, web designer, and incredibly talented illustrator. Wondering where she finds the time? We asked ourselves the very same question!

This week will be full of inspiration for your holiday wardrobe, starting with this look taken in the beautiful city of Zagreb. Moving away from the safety of the skinny jean, Anoushka opted for a pair of Zara boyfriend jeans, complete with cute patchwork detail and ripped knees. Teaming them with a simple grey marl vest, Anoushka accessorises her androgynous look with oversized sunnies and black heels to keep the outfit feminine. A pastel grey mini bag is a great alternative to totes and satchels. So instead of lugging around everything you own this summer, embrace this new trend and downsize to just the essentials. 

anoushka probyn

anoushka probyn

anoushka probyn

Zara jeans | Topshop vest | Fox and Feather sunglasses | Radley bag | French Connection heels

Getting to know Anoushka…

What do you do when your not blogging?

Although it’s just a hobby I find blogging takes up most of my free time! However when I take time out I’ll to go to gigs and football matches, and I love to spend weekends exploring London as there’s always so much going on! I’m also currently studying Fashion Media and Criticism at London College of Fashion, so during term time that keeps my pretty busy.

What interests you?

Obviously I spend a lot of time drooling over fashion magazines and shopping! I love finding new restaurants, visiting new cities, and instagramming it all; much to the embarrassment of whoever I’m with! I’m also a bit of a computer geek when it comes to Photoshop and coding.

What is your motivation everyday? 

I’m quite competitive so I find other bloggers motivate me! Looking at people like The Blonde Salad and Gary Pepper Girl and being in awe of what they do, that inspires me to keep on plugging because they’re testament to what you can achieve when you work hard.

Do you have a treasured garment? 

I have treasured collections, like my ever-growing sequin dress collection (I’m convinced that they’re breeding!). I’m a complete sucker for sequins regardless of what season it is or what’s in fashion.

What is your best style advice? 

I don’t get it when people say they love something but could never pull it off. Surely if you love something, then it’s automatically your style? So I guess, dress like whomever you want to be. Just because your usual look is casual sporty doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it.

Who is your style inspiration? 

My style inspiration changes day to day, depending on what mood I’m in. Sometimes it’s city-chic Olivia Palermo, other days it could be a noughties throwback a la Carrie Bradshaw! Instagram and Pinterest are also my go-tos when I’m stuck on how to style something.

Where do you see yourself in ten years time?

 In ten years time I’d like to be settling down, preferably in a big penthouse in Central London with five dogs, panoramic views, and a successful full-time blog! Oh, and a holiday home in the Caribbean. A girl can dream, right?

What is your biggest highlight in your career to date?

Being named as an up-and-coming fashion blogger to watch by Who What Wear was pretty exciting!

Which trends will make a return next season? 

You  know, I have no idea. As fashion becomes more and more social it’s become harder to predict. Mini-trends are constantly popping up out of nowhere and dying just as quickly, and things move so fast that the trend-cycle has become pretty much seasonless.

What would you like to be remembered for? 

I’d like to be remembered for being well-dressed (obviously), and hopefully as a serious fashion industry professional that knows more about fashion and the state of the industry than which shoes go with which bag. I admire people like Suzy Menkes and Colin McDowell who are very much a part of the industry but also critically understand adn evaluate it, and I’d one day like to emulate that.

About the author

Jessica is Semple’s Fashion Project Manager, putting her hand to anything creative from digital printing to styling the shoots for Semple Magazine. In between working and sleeping you will find Jess searching for the most delicious places to eat and trawling Instagram for upcoming bloggers and brands. Longing to live by the beach, Jess dreams of one day buying her own island and whiling away the hours with a drink in hand.

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