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It’s almost time for sun-kissed skin and cocktails by the beach, but most of us are panicking about where to jet off to this summer. If you’re really organised, you would have booked your holiday in December and probably saved about £500. But if you’re like me, taking months on end deciding on the perfect destination, you probably still have a thousand Thomas Cook tabs open on your laptop. So, without claiming to be a travel agent, here’s a list of 2016’s hottest destinations that might just help you book your summer getaway.



Known to be not only invigoratingly wild and different, but progressive and democratic, Botswana is top of our list. This country will celebrate its 50 years of independence in 2016 and there’s a reason for this; Botswana’s journey from poverty is impressive, and it stands as Africa’s most stable society. Chobe National Park is supposed to be Botswana’s best wildlife zoo, with 60,000 elephants. Accompanied by the Three Chief’s Statues and many other wildlife parks, Botswana is a holiday for the adventurous this summer.


Australia great barrier reef

The Aussie dollar has made Australia an affordable trip for travellers on a budget. Although, with the currency wavering and petrol prices going down, a road trip could be the perfect getaway in Australia this year. Some perfect examples of stunning sights you should visit are of course the Great Barrier Reef and Tasmania’s wilderness. 



Shockingly an estimated three million foreign people will visit Uruguay this year. Nicknamed the ‘Switzerland of America’, Uruguay has become a progressive society including capital, Montevideo, with a nightlife on sea aura amid the glamour of Punta del Este, plus many gorgeous beaches and sights to see. Expect that estimated three million to rise by the day!



Fiji has just recently recovered from its equilibrium at last after a constitutional crisis, and travellers will soon gain the advantage of the country’s upgrade: Nadi International Airport. Fiji has lots to offer, why not attempt the latest extreme sport or try your hand at some sailing or diving? Soak up all this tropical land has to give, from just £608 per person on TripAdvisor this July.



With the world’s lowest population in density, it seems that Greenland would be a brave decision for a trip this August. But, with beautiful sun glistening glaciers, the Northern Lights, and the opportunity to sail among whales and dolphins, there is no better time than now to visit this Arctic wonderland.

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