Wild, reckless abandon is the spirit of the moment this October. It’s go big or go home, shameless self-promotion, balls to the wall time and it’s all the moon’s fault! You may have noticed the moon was looking rather humongous and beautiful the other day, well this is due to it not only being a full moon, but a supermoon.


Basically, a supermoon, for those astrologically challenged, occurs when the moon is at its closest possible point to Earth, causing it to appear much larger and 30 per cent brighter than usual. While this is all fascinating NASA science buff stuff, what we all really want to know is whether this new lunar phase is going to effect our lives. And apparently it will.


Astrologically speaking, the supermoon occurred when the moon was in Aries meaning a very passionate, active and liberated energy is at hand. All of those fiery and adventurous traits that are associated with an Aries sign will be brought to the fore via the supermoon, and if utilised correctly, these cosmic bursts of energy could bring about big changes in our lives.

Moving On Up

If you harness the Aries energy and seize its power new opportunities could be coming your way that might not have been able to present themselves until now. Make that bold move in your career and don’t look back.

Just Do It

The moon’s shift brings about a fire in people’s spirit that might otherwise have stayed below the surface, so quit the procrastination and get it done. Now is the time to act!

Do You

Take the time to heal yourself during this Luna phase; whether physical or mental wounds, harness some of this moon’s energy into repairing yourself so you emerge a better you on the other side.

Break Free

Those relationships and so called friendships that are holding you down…shake them off. Learn to surround yourself with people worthy of your time and energy. Be courageous enough to say enough is enough.

Get Real

While liberated and courageous, an Aries energy can also make you very cocky and annoyingly self-important. So don’t forget to you keep your ego in check while on the way to greatness.


And if you missed the October supermoon and can’t quite find an excuse for your somewhat unexplained, outlandish behaviour then fear not! 2016 is a year that will close on a lunar high with the spectacular supermoon phenomenon expected to occur twice more before we wave goodbye to another year past. November’s date is expected to reach extra-supermoon status, making it the closest full moon of the 21st century. The extra-supermoon phenomenon won’t be witnessed again until November 25, 2034 so don’t miss out on the chance to amend your destiny now.

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