Sweatcoin is a fresh, innovative UK smartphone app which has raised nearly 1 million through being a completely brand new and exciting concept.


Founded by Oleg Fomenko, Anton Derlyatka, Danil Perushev and Egor Khmelev, Sweatcoin is a free app which simply rewards users for walking! A truly remarkable way to encourage fitness and wellbeing, Sweatcoin records every move users make and for every 1,000 steps taken, users receive one digital coin that can be exchanged for gifts in the Sweatcoin app.


Unsurprisingly the app has been an instant hit, earning its place as the #1 app in the UK app store after just 48 hours. Along with this, tens of partners have signed up, 150 million steps have been tracked and the app has received thousands of incredible reviews and responses, including those by Daily Mail and Forbes.

In a clever way, the app has a few finishing touches which means it must be used wisely. Sweatcoin promises to ‘track and verify your outdoor steps using your phone’s accelerometers and GPS location’, meaning that only outdoor steps will be counted.

The Physical Activity Guidelines recommend that adults undertake at least 150 minutes of walking a week and that children and adolescents are active for at least 60 minutes every day. Adding this moderately-intense physical activity will help to decrease the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Which is why I think Sweatcoin is such a wonderfully innovative idea! Often, exercise is looked at as a ‘chore’ for those who do not particularly enjoy it, and most of all, it is often assumed that physical activity must be intense. But it is proven that this is not the case; just 20 minutes of walking a day can really help to shift any extra weight and help to keep our hearts healthy. Combine this with Sweatcoin, and you are on your way to having lots of fun and potentially earning money for fun gifts!

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