be happy
bucket list
With my 29th birthday fast approaching, it feels as though the big 30 is looming ever closer with it. With that thought, comes another: “Is there anything that I should’ve done in my 20s, but didn’t?” Much like the infamous bucket list that bullet points an array of tourist attractions and travel destinations to visit,...
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Everyone has their happy place. Whether it’s your childhood home, a certain park where you used to go as a child, a favourite holiday destination or a cosy cafe nestled away off the beaten track. A happy place is simply somewhere that makes you feel joy and contentment – somewhere you can feel free from...
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zen lotus
I was speaking with one of my friends yesterday and she started telling me about her new lease of ‘Zen’. This reinvigorated outlook, originally stemming from a self-help book, has taught her how to take control, how to make more conscious decisions and how to live life with a more positive attitude. While books such...
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