What a feminist is: a person who advocates social, political, legal and economic rights for women, equal to those of men. What a feminist is often confused with: a man hating, bitter woman whose only goal is to triumph over men in every way. Recently the backlash that self-confessed feminists face daily has come to...
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Hack Attack
“68 percent of women can’t identify with the images they see in ads.” – Dove’s Global Beauty and Confidence Report, 2016 Creative agency Mindshare in Denmark are on a mission – destroy advertiser’s ideas of ‘real’ women. The reason? The media’s portrayal of women across both digital and print are wildly unidentifiable for women across...
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dove my beauty my say
On 1 July, Dove launched a campaign called #MyBeautyMySay, and it was a sensation across all platforms of social media. The video features heart-wrenching stories of incredible women who stood up for their own beauty – a poignant piece of media to encourage women everywhere to appreciate their beauty and flaws, and most of all, to...
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