endangered species
Nearly everyone is partial to a cute, fluffy animal, whether your home is populated by a menagerie of pets or you just enjoy watching cat videos on YouTube. Choosing a career in animal care, whether zookeeper or vet, is a massive and daunting prospect that few of us undertake. After all, seeing any animal at...
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On Saturday a rare and beautiful creature was shot dead after an a four-year-old boy ‘slipped’ into the gorilla’s caged enclosure during a visit to Cincinnati Zoo with his family. The incident, which has triggered outcry the world over, has left us all with one harrowing and regretful question: did Harambe, the 17-year-old 450 pound...
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Zoos aren’t usually my thing, but the allure of the new Giant Panda Conservation Centre that is housed at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Negara Zoo, meant I just couldn’t leave the city without seeing the pandas for myself. Launched in 2014 the state of the art conservation centre which is now home to two giant pandas,...
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