It’s not uncommon to hear people exclaim that they need another holiday, immediately after returning from a holiday. They can be stressful, jam-packed and itinerary-filled. Perhaps it’s a holiday with the whole family, or more of an adventure-themed getaway, but taking a holiday doesn’t always mean it’s going to be relaxing. It’s so important to get away though, to experience something new and immerse yourself in different surroundings.

Having just returned from Italy, I felt much the same as we stepped through the front door. The thought of going back to work the next day made me realise that I hadn’t really relaxed at all, but I did feel as though I’d had a break and escaped the routine of everyday life.

This year, we decided to embark on a rather ambitious Italian road-trip. Flying into Milan, we travelled across to Verona and down to Bologna before spending a night in Rome. We then hired an Air B&B half an hour or so from Naples so we could explore more of the southern region – making it to Pompei and Sorrento.

It was an incredible trip. We managed to visit so many cities and regions that had been on our ‘To visit in Italy’ list for such a long time. We were surprised by the ones we liked and perhaps disappointed by those we thought we’d love.

Away for nine days, we didn’t spend long in each destination – sometimes only stopping for a coffee and a stroll. It still felt long enough to really get a feel for the town though, to visit one or two of the tourist hot-spots and take a moment to simply savour it all. I say we didn’t relax, but those mornings drinking a cup of coffee and watching the world go by did ignite a feeling of calm and gratitude. 

While we’re looking forward to having some time off to simply spend at home, it felt lovely to get away. It’s so easy to become consumed by work or the day-to-day monotony of routine, that sometimes indulging in a few days away – even if it isn’t relaxing per se – can make the world of difference. 

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