“Forget all reservations of being measured by a grumpy tailor who looks judgementally at your waist size, the Semple Gift Experience is the best experience ever! You get welcomed at the door by divine, beaming women who sweep you up and seemingly without you knowing, take your measurements all whilst chatting to get to know you, your style and what you want from your dress. Each fitting gets more and more exciting as you discuss fabrics and colours and frills and bows… the entire process is utterly magical and at the end of it you have your perfect dress!” – Antonia

“Like buying a bespoke suit, the gift is the most personal thing you can do for your wife. It is only for her, it is going to be a perfect fit and she will always feel right in it and always look better in it than anything off the peg. Her confidence and her self-esteem will grow. The Semple Gift Experience gave me all the kudos for buying the perfect present, because I had a tangible thing to hand over on Christmas Day, but my wife was able to make all the choices. Genius!” – Mike

“From the first consultation, Maggie and her team did what almost no-one else had demonstrated. They immediately got what I wanted. Not only did they get it – they planned out how they were going to make it happen in meticulous detail and left me feeling pleased with a team embodied in control and excitement. The results? An absolutely beautiful piece of art. So much more than I could have hoped for.” – Rahima

“I purchased the Semple Gift Experience as a surprise wedding anniversary gift for my wife. I wanted to give her a treat – not only a beautiful dress but an experience which would make her feel special with all the pampering that goes with it. Seeing her child-like anticipation as she opened the gift was a joy. All my previous anniversary gift mishaps were instantly redeemed! There’s no surer way of getting into your loved one’s good books!” – Chris

“We just wanted to write to thank you so much for looking after our Mother so well. She has really enjoyed the whole experience and is very excited about her new dress. She looks a million dollars and told us how special she felt during her wedding anniversary celebrations this month.” – Rachel & Rebecca 

“I bought the gift as it was something a bit different and I felt the whole experience would be something Alison would enjoy rather than just receiving a new dress. I would say you’ll get lots more brownie points than you could ever normally expect when gifting the Semple Gift Experience plus you’ll be referred to in glowing terms at dinner parties as a really thoughtful partner! It’s a gift that keeps giving as the experience takes a number of meetings to agree the details and when the dress arrives and is worn to events, it reminds Alison of how wonderful I am!” – Doug

“For us guys, this really is the simplest way to get the most perfect gift absolutely right. No wrong colour, fabric, style, length or size. And no shopping or wrapping – just a phone call or click away.” – Adrian

“Maggie had become my dear friend Sarah’s go-to gal for all her tailoring and having witnessed my very own Maggie Semple fashion show over time, I have to admit Maggie’s dresses are a masterclass in effortless chic (and with a fun flair), all whilst being rather comfy for a formal work dress.” – Clare

“I bought the Gift Experience for my partner after Maggie inspired me to be brave and more creative than my usual trips to branded shops for Birthday and Christmas presents. Susan was certainly very surprised and excited on the day she opened the gift. She thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the designers and fitters at Maggie’s team and was able to add her own finishing touches to the garment, making it personal and truly unique to her. Semple offers excellent value for money and I would have no hesitation recommending her to colleagues and friends.” – Tim