As I type this, the sun is now only starting to set. It is not quite 6pm and I couldn’t be happier – spring is finally on its way.

I am definitely one of those people. I crave sunshine, warmth, long days and bright mornings. In winter I tend to switch off and live in a permanent state of hibernation. Except of course, I still have to go to work; but once I’m home, I’m home. I don’t venture out much in the evenings, not unless I absolutely have to. You may think it’s because I’m drawing towards the big 30, but no, I was just as socially inept during the winter months at university too. I much prefer to wrap myself in a big faux fur blanket, change into my PJs as soon as I step through the door and read a good murder mystery.

The Arrival of Spring

After all, isn’t that why we have seasons? Aside from the scientific and geographical reasons of course, they allow us to appreciate and embrace them – even if their conditions are less than favourable. I look forward to the winter months when little is expected and we can make the most of being inside or while away Sunday afternoons in a cosy country pub; and when the warmer months of summer come around, we can once more frequent our favourite beer gardens and go on new adventures, making the most of the great outdoors and the long summer evenings

So, once the lambs start to appear, the daffodils are displayed across the supermarkets and the Easter eggs make a much-welcomed return to the shelves, I feel rejuvenated, excited even. We can wave goodbye to our thick, itchy jumpers and driving home from work in the dark every day, and welcome summer dresses, evening dog walks and al fresco dining.

The Arrival of Spring daffodils

Perhaps it is the anticipation of these summer months which is the best part – much like everything else in life. I often imagine my summers as they are so often portrayed in books: typically English and filled with adventures.

Of course, sometimes the British weather can dampen these dreams and unfortunately, we can no longer look forward to breaking up from school with six weeks of holiday and freedom ahead of us – can you only imagine?

So for now, I will make little plans for the months ahead and instead, just enjoy this time – watching the sun set that little bit later each day and eagerly await the changing of the clocks.

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