Affectionately referred to as the bag of the summer, the basket bag has been making a much-welcomed return now for several years.

Reminiscent of long summer days picnicking, strolling through fields, picking up supplies at village markets, or perhaps adventuring off on a bicycle to a previously unexplored destination, basket bags are wonderfully romantic and nostalgic accessories for this season.

With roots in many parts of the world, they are the perfect souvenir to collect on your travels too. Often associated with big weekly food markets in many regions across France – it remains a common sight to see a couple of baguettes, and no doubt cheeses and fresh fruit, sticking out the top of a basket. You’ll often see them displayed and hanging in many other European city markets too, for they continue to be a favourite amongst many locals for running day-to-day errands.

From the very small to the big and roomy, the embroidered to the practical (and the not so practical), the selection of basket bags available both on the high-street and in our favourite more high-end stores can be somewhat overwhelming. There now seems to be a style for everyone, whatever you may need it for. For beach holidays or city breaks, this humble bag is seasonal and charming.

Like many things when it comes to fashion, you can pay a little or you can pay a lot. On the other hand, some of my best basket bags (I seem to have accumulated quite the collection over the years), have been very lucky second hand finds at car boot sales or in charity shops, where I picked them up for less than £5.

So whether, like me, you have a growing collection, or you’re looking to start your foray into the world of basket bags, I’ve selected a few of my favourites below:

Straw Basket Bag | Cath Kidston | £38

Small Coast Path Basket | Seasalt | £29.95

Raffia Tote Bag | Toast | £195

Seagrass Circular Basket Bag | The White Company | £60

Luna Bamboo Basket Bag | Cult Gaia via Matches Fashion | £220

Straw Zipped Shopper Bag | M&S | £15

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