When I look through my wardrobe – whatever the season may be – it’s true that a large proportion of its contents is in fact, second hand. A special vintage piece or a lucky thrifted find.

It’s no secret that I love a good rummage through my local charity shop and will often look out for clothes when I go to my weekly car boot sale too. It’s also no secret that I have a lot of clothes – too many – probably, but when so much of my wardrobe has a history attached to it, I find it difficult to declutter and say goodbye. 

The same goes for thrift shopping. When items are £3 or £4, I can’t resist bringing it home with me. And to be honest, there are only a few items that I’ve bought second hand that I’ve never worn. Most of what I pick up finds its way into my daily or weekly wardrobe because I know what I like. Yes, I do have a cardigan in almost every colour, but I wear a cardigan most days, especially as we move more into autumn, so I know they’re always a good investment to make. The same goes for blouses. My collection of white and cream vintage blouses tends to keep on growing, but they’re so timeless I know they’ll have a place in my wardrobe for many years to come.

On more than one occasion, I’ve had people say I always get lucky when I go to charity shops, but I simply reply that it’s because I visit them so often! Sometimes a few times a week I might pop in – and it’s not always the case that I find something special. There are just so many positives to it: not only do you not know what you’re going to find, but I don’t feel guilty when I buy several items at once as I know they’re going from one good home to another. And of course, I’m not spending a lot per item. Not to mention the positive environmental impact buying clothing second hand has. I love the variety too, finding something that’s a little different or even similar to something you’ve had your eye on in a high street shop.

That’s just the beauty of charity shops – that you never know what you’re going to find. It could be nothing, but then it could be everything – which makes every trip worth it.

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